Spread Kindness Like Honey

BeeKnd is a community centered around kindness. Honey posts are created and shared remind people of the health and healing that comes through shared kindness.

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Think Kind

Think of a kind experience (or get out there and create one!). Could be personal, could be something that happened to someone you know. No event is too small.

Show Compassion

Spread some honey! Create a honey post and share your kind experience. Don't forget to use "Kind Kategories."

Be Well

Read about and remember kindness shared around the world! Let home, work, and all your relationships be fueled by compassion.

"There is a sweet man that always takes his time to love on his friends and neighbors well. His name is Stephen and I hope he knows how much he is appreciated!"

Danielle S.

Member of Beeknd
"I love BeeKnd and the metaphor of spreading honey. I'm not a doctor, but I know that for centuries honey has been used for healing of wounds. As I consider the conversation in the women's resource center today, I am all too aware of the wounds that hurt our spirits. But I am equally encouraged and hopeful to consider how each of us can spread healing honey, not just at a surface level but in a way that offers deep, deep healing to the soul. By listening to each other, being authentic, lifting up unheard voices- we spread honey. And all of us could us a little more healing honey for our souls."

Ashley R.

Member of Beeknd
"Someone has gone out of their way to help me with my business taking a lot of time over the course of many weeks and really helping me."

Sarah H.

Member of Beeknd

Bee sweet like honey.

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